Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

What a wonderful crazy weekend we spent in gwinnett for the holiday! My entire family was able to come home to my parents house which was such a blessing cause we hadnt been together since Elijah was born early in july!  When we are all together it is quite chaotic now that there are lots of babies running around :)  Gracelyn is 14 months, Allie 5 months and Eliah 2 you can only imagine :) We no longer fight about who gets to hold the its more like someone please take the babies!!! Elijah and Allie are little reflux babies so we have burp cloths and spit up everywhere by the end of the weekend.  Luckily Allies is a little bit easier as she gets older but my poor sister is having to deal with all the fussiness that comes along with reflux.
Allie and Elijah hanging out! They are almost the same size :)
ps-notice they both have bibs hince the spittingupness( my fav word) 

Mom and Dad with all the grandbabies!

Anyways, we were also able to spend some wonderful time with the fritz family.  Mark and Katie are expecting their first , Walker Jackson in late December and it was so fun to see her sweet little baby belly! It actually made me miss being pregnant for the first time...but no we are not trying to have another one any time soon.  My sister is doing an amazing job with two less than a year apart but i think a few years in between will be fine for me :)
Allie is doing great! She finally rolled over from her tummy to her back 2 weeks ago and then the next day rolled from her back to her tummy.  I was so worried that she was behind developmentally but she is all caught up now :) She LOVES books and wants to be read to all the time.  My sweet mommy is still driving 2 hours each way on wednesdays to watch her while i work!
Michael and I are doing wonderful! Still cant believe I have loved him for over 8 years!  What a blessing to share my life with such a wonderful God fearing man. He is the most wonderful father and I cant wait to see where God takes us!