Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun weekend in ATL

We had a wonderful weekend spending time with all the family! Some of my parents good friends from TN came down with their entire family and we had lots of fun catching up on life!  Allie got to wear her cute little cheerleading outfit for the UGA game and hang out with her cousins! We got to visit with Mark and Katie friday evening which was super fun! We cant wait for Walker to get here soon :)
Miss Allie with uncle Brian and aunt Lauren 

 Our newest venture with the sweet baby has been starting baby food...which she loves! We were not surprised because the baby would eat all day long if i would let her.  She has reflux so much of what she consumes comes back up all over mommy so what goes in must be limited.  I was hoping her spit up would slow down when we introduced solids, but unfortunately we are now covered in orange or green spit up rather than white :)  It is so fun feeding her and watching her little expressions as she tries new foods.  I am planning on making homemade baby food after i use up my supply of food that a neighbor gave me.  It doesnt seem like it will be too hard but we will see when the time comes. So far we have tried squash, carrots and green beans.  Her spit up was a little more projectile with the carrots so we are going to lay off those for a while. We will probably do sweet potatoes next and then do all the fruits!  I was trying to  introduce the not so sweet foods first so she would enjoy those before knowing there is other stuff out there.
Pops feeding Allie cereal and green beans

Another precious moment was giving Gracelyn and Allie a bath together this weekend! Allie cant sit up on her own yet, so I was trying to hold her up the whole time and she loved being a big girl in the bath! These too are going to have too much fun as they get older!
 Finally, we went to the Braves game on Sunday with some of my siblings and it was really fun until the 9th inning! The crowd went crazy when Hinske hit a homerun to take a lead in the game, only for us to fall apart the next inning and lose :(  It was nice to get out with the family and my cute hubby so it was still a fun night.  Would have been awesome to win the game but oh well.

We were going to try to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend but with all the chaos that didnt happen so hopefully we will find time to go before Halloween! I really want to make a tradition of going as a family every year, but we will see if that happens :)    Life is great in the Fritz household and we are loving every minute with sweet Allie! Cant believe how fast the last six months have flown by!