Friday, January 7, 2011

Amazing Holidays and 2011

I still cannot believe that it is already 2011! We were discussing memories of the millennium over New Years and it seems like yesterday.  What wonderful things the Lord has done in my life the last ten years. I never could have dreamed I would be where I am today. I was in insecure teenager trying to figure out how in the world I was going to figure out what to do with my life, fighting so hard to be positive when it seemed like my "meloncoly"(my temperment type) nature was going to get the best of me and steal all my joy. After many challanges, the Lord has given me more joy and confidence in my walk with Him than I ever prayed for.  Growing up knowing the Truth of the gospel and having the constant love and encouragement of Godly parents has shaped me so much.  I realize now more than ever with my own child the huge calling to constantly pursue Christ daily in order to be the wife and mother the Lord created me to be.  Its so easy in the business of life to get frustrated in selfish that there is never enough time for me, but I am learning to LOVE where the Lord has me and trust him in the hard times.

Being a mommy has brought me so much joy that my heart is beating faster just thinking about it. I get teary eyed thinking about all the love that such a little girl has brought to my life. The last few weeks have been so fun watching her grow up so fast.  Allie has mastered eating baby food and loves it all. We have yet to find something that she doesnt like. While my parents were here over New Years Allie got to try chicken for the first time. My mom was positive that she would not like meat, but of course...she loves it! I used my little food mill that grinds up food and gave her some rotisserie chicken today and it was a hit.  She can pick up food with her little fingers and feed herself. Her favorite are banana or sweet potato flavored puffs, but she likes crackers too!  She decided a few weeks ago that she didnt want to take a bottle anymore. Luckily I am still nursing her, so we have been trying hard to get her to take a cup so eventually she would drink milk out of a cup. I knew that it probably wouldnt work, but I put a little in a cup during lunch and she drank it! I was so proud and hopefully she will keep it up!
I love the way her eyes smile! :)
On to the holidays, I guess I am kinda going backwards... but Christmas was so fun! Allie was just starting to crawl so she loved being able to get the toys she wanted. Michael has been making her practice standing by herself for many months now and she can stand alone and balance herself for about 20 seconds! We grabbed some quick shots by the tree! 

She obviously loved eating the bows of presents!

Merry Christmas!

 Quick family shot
Loving the Snow on Christmas...although this was the next morning

ok, well its 11 39 and Michael is ready for me to go to bed so ....until next time...hopefully it wont be as long... here is one last picture of Allie peeking out of her bed yesterday!
Bye Bye!