Monday, March 11, 2013

The power of belief.

I accomplished something this weekend that most people will laugh at and think is goofy- but I ran my first 5k.  So here is the deal- its not the 3.1 miles that I ran that was so monumental to me.  It was this.  My whole life I have sat back and watched everyone else succeed. Not that I have not succeeded in certain areas, but I am crazy afraid of trying hard and not succeeding.  I am a great encourager so I have just cheered from the sidelines and thought...maybe one day that could be ME. maybe-just maybe.  
So my husband is a crazy goal setter, where as for me- lets just say I dont set goals cause that just means I verbalized that I am going to fail at something.  Michael kept encouraging me to set a small goal, tiny- but to set one that I could work towards and be proud of myself for accomplishing.  So I set one goal- run a 5k in 2013.  
I have been walking with a neighbor for many months so I asked her if she thought we could do a 5k ever. Of course she said lets go for it! Thus began our couch to 5k training sessions of which we were huge slackers but managed to make it out a few nights a week after the babies were in bed to jog around the block a few times.  
This saturday was the run we picked out to do. Of course Friday morning little man woke up sick as a dog with the stomach bug. The doctors informed me it would probably last several days and everyone in the house would probably come down with it in the next day or two. NOOOOO.  By late afternoon he was not getting sick anymore, but still acting puny.  We almost cancelled running but  I really wanted to do it bad.  They both slept solid through the night so on to the race I went determined to complete the race.  And we did it!!!  Michael brought both sweet babies out to cheer me on and in a little under 31 minutes we crossed the finish line! WAHOOOO
I laughed at myself because a 5k is really not that big of a deal- but to me it was a huge breakthrough. I did it. Accomplished a goal I set out to achieve.  I read this quote today and it really hit home.

"I've found that before any great accomplishment is achieved in reality, its believed in the heart." John Maxwell.

I realized thats why it really meant so much. I chose to believe that I could do it. I removed all those crazy excuses I have had for so long and did it.  I would challenge you to do something- anything- that you have wanted to do.  Even if its tiny, seems insignificant but it would be huge for you. DO IT!  Tell someone you love and have them keep you accountable and go for it!! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Going through some notes from some incredible speakers and was hit by several thoughts. One point made was this.  What is vision.  Vision is seeing what you can not see yet. Sounds kinda simple, kind of confusing but here is what I am beginning to realize.  In order for real change to be made in any realm of your life you must see what you can not see yet. You must have a vision of what life will look like when you get there.  You need a vision. 
The average debt per household is now up around $15,000 and that is NOT including student loans.  After going through Financial Peace University at church, one of the most simple things that still sticks in my head is that $$$ issues are behavior.  Not a matter of financial knowledge- but lack of discipline to make the hard choices with their $$$ now.   So back to vision- I think one of the only ways to begin the journey to becoming debt free is visualizing what life will look like without credit card payments, car payments, student loan payments, and ultimately mortgage payments.  FREEZE- think about that. Take time and visualize what it would REALLY look like to not owe people tons of money every month.   FREEDOM.
Only you can make the choice to change. You must visualize what it will feel like to loose the weight you want to lose. How wonderful it will be to fit in certain clothes again, or feel GOOD about yourself for once in a very long time. Until you can actually visualize that new healthier you you will never change.
The rate of divorce in this country is out of control- but not really surprising. We live in a society where its a -I want what I want, when I want it and how I want it mindset.  Instant gratification.  Marriage will never work like that.  At the end of it all, marriage will never work if you are in it for your good and your satisfaction. It just wont.  I have an AMAZING husband and am beyond blessed but here is the deal- i make the choice everyday to love that man. I mother drilled into our minds for many a years that we must CHOOSE to dwell on the positive in our spouse.  Its easy to see where they went wrong, how screwed up they are, how selfish and insensitive they are...blah blah blah.  Your marriage will always be what it is until you change your mindset. You must visualize what a wonderful marriage will look like in order for it to be worth the fight. I can tell you this- marriage is incredible. It is Gods gift to us.  But until you see what it can be- you will never FIGHT to make it work.  
I really dont know where to start here because its way more than anything I can type onto a silly blog but here is the foundational truth.  God loves you. He created you. He wants to know you. He wants to use you.  You will never accept that truth until you sit - quietly- and visualize this. God loved you so much that he sent his son- Jesus Christ to die. DIE. Die a brutal death for you. You are a sinner and in order for your sin to be atoned for a holy sacrifice had to be made.  If you actually sit long enough you will know that you believe that nothing in and of you is or ever will be good enough for a holy God. His holiness DEMANDS our holiness. We are not holy- so God knew something was necessary in order for us to have a right relationship with him. So he sent his son, to live a holy life-blameless. When he died on the cross it was the atonement necessary for our sins to be wiped clean.  When you take time to visualize that. That God loves you, sent his son to die for you- you will realize that there is nothing in and of yourself that you can do to make God love you any more. All you need is to surrender yourself and ask for his saving grace to wash way your sin. There is no perfect prayer- you must simply realize and confess that you need Him.

Vision- seeing what you can not see yet- or put another way, seeing your life, situations in a different way than you have been seeing them.   Debt problems are real and hard.  Health and Weight loss is NOT easy the problems are real and hard. Marriage problems are real and hard. Salvation questions can seem complicated.  
The reality is that only you have the power to change.  
With Debt- make a decision to start with some system to paying off the debt quick- as fast as possible.  (To use Dave Ramsey's theory) With gazelle intensity which is this- Cheetah's are crazy fast animals- but the gazelle manages to outrun the cheetah the majority of the time. You know why? The gazelles life DEPENDS on it. The cheetah will find an easier meal.  Attack debt like your life depends on it.
With health- take small steps, better food choices, start walking, get accountability.
With Marriage- Work on you. Choose to make it your goal to not think negatively about your spouse anymore. No matter how crazy or screwed up- make a choice to dwell on the positive. Pray for your marriage- seek to honor them, respect them, serve them and love them without expectation. 
With salvation- Open the bible. Read about Gods crazy love for you. It doesn't matter where you start John many people say is a good place, but here is the truth. All the bible speaks of Gods relentless pursuit of his people. From beginning to end He seeks to restore and redeem his people to their first love. And the only thing that will ever bring true joy, true peace, true satisfaction. The reality of salvation though is this- God is graciously warning you now and giving you the opportunity to repent. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. 

The speaker I heard also said this-  Our life will move in the direction of the most dominate image I have in my mind.  Read that again.

Our life will move in the direction of the most dominate image I have in my mind.

The vision you have of yourself determines your next 6 months. Agree with the lie you are currently choosing to be- or agree with the truth.   But- be prepared to live in the reality of what you choose.

We all have so much fear attached to these things that we want so bad, but cant seem to get. I loved what she said on fear:
1. Fear is Fake
2. Do it afraid.
Do it afraid & prove to yourself that it is easy. The small steps are simple.

Turn from a point of weakness to a point of strength.
Walk in what you want & believe.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bikini Bash Challenge!

Summer Bikini Bash!!! i am a little biased but man is she not the cutest thing in the world!!! But  seriously...

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