Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Exciting News!!!

We are expecting another little fritz baby!!! We are beyond excited and feel so blessed that the Lord has given us another baby.  I am 15 weeks along and the baby is due May 6th!  As you can imagine, Allie is beyond thrilled to have another baby and is just positive that it is a little girl.  I really want to be surprised this go round so hopefully we will not find out until the little one arrives!! 
We are all very thankful to be through the first trimester as mommy was quite tired and sick so those days were long and hard and not missed! Michael was super dad and often wisked the children off to the park to give me a little rest time in the evenings and was a big help!!
Praise the Lord for Spark or my house may have nearly fallen apart! To be honest I was really scared about being pregnant again through the first trimester so sick with two young kiddos, but Spark has been a life saver and given me the boost I needed to get through the afternoon and actually be productive.  Not that there weren't many days that I snuck in a nap with my sweet Allie, but when things needed to get done, I had an option for getting me through the 2 o'clock wall I typically hit.
Here are a few more fun snap shots of Allie and Noah this afternoon!
Sweet Noah
Sassy Allie
Love them!!