Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sleeping Giants

When in college and asked what my major was, my response was usually....Well education, but to be honest, I have no clue what I want to do as a career because I really just want to be a wife and a mom. Long story short, I got a degree in Dental hygiene, really enjoyed working part time for a couple of years but my heart REALLY wanted to be home with my babies!!  After living on a budget for several years, and Michael starting several extra jobs to earn extra income we were able to make this a reality shortly after having our second child.  
While a huge blessing, staying home is SUPERDEEEDUPER hard! While I love being a mom and being the primary influence in their lives, but they have the most amazing dad on the planet, and now he is having to work extra jobs and longer days to keep us ahead with finances. When I jumped on AdvoCare products in the summer of July 2012 I was desperately trying to get more energy and feel better.  What I never dreamed or imagined is that AdvoCare would become a huge part of my life.  
I really loved being home and his opportunity allowed me the freedom and flexibility to help others look, feel and perform better, while also earn extra income for our family.  All I could really see initially was that I could make enough to pay for my new found love for Spark and many other products, but little did I know the financial and time freedom it would bring.  
Last May, we had consistently earned enough income monthly which matched Michaels corporate salary and He was able to take the huge leap of becoming self employed. He had worked extremely hard building his Landscaping business on the side, and the income our AdvoCare business has provided allowed for this to be a stress free, low pressure transition.  Now instead of him working 70+ hours a week in 100 temps building a business, he is able to manage and work the hours he wants, eat breakfast lunch and dinner with the kiddos and we have the freedom to choose where we want to spend our time.
I read an article today from the CEO of a billion dollar company and loved this:
"As a leader, if you go in with the attitude that there are
 sleeping giants of potential inside people (no matter their position)
, coupled with an operating landscape that lets them grow
 and helps them become the best version of themselves,
 you can create future generations of leaders.
Even from a business perspective, 
all a company ever is is a collection of people. 
If you're working with a high percentage of people
 who are all trying to be the best versions of themselves, 
you can't avoid success."  
Rick Goings 
THIS is why I LOVE AdvoCare as a business. I get to help people get started on products and look and feel their best.  For those wanting extra income or wanting to impact the lives of others, I get to be a part of a remarkable process of helping others stretch and grow and become their best.  My husband would tell you to this day he never dreamed I would ever do AdvoCare as a business.  What happened 2 years ago was a sleeping giant in the core of who I am was awakened.  I read a book called The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews and felt deeply called that I could impact peoples lives in so many ways.  By investing in the lives of others and challenging them to become more in every aspect of life, I could positively impact many friends and family members.  So whether or not it was through AdvoCare, or through bible study, or through relationships and friendships with neighbors, I made a decision to seek wisdom and become the best Renee possible, so that when given opportunities to lead and help others I could have a positive impact on their lives.   
AdvoCare is a collection of some amazing people.  The leadership at every level has the highest priority to be a company of character and integrity first and foremost, and be a company that values faith and family above all else. What a joy it has been to stretch and grow and help others become the BEST version of themselves.

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